The Small Animal LEVEL I course consists of an Online program of 10 modules.

If you are following the program with the intention to go for the certificate later on, then You will need to keep up with the Modules and send back the assignments on time.
These assignments have to be returned before the start of the next Module.
Delay in returning an assignment is only accepted once.
You will have to do the tests and videos together with the other students.
You can repeat it once.

Level II Case Studies (6 months max) will start after finishing Level I.

The Certificate Program has to be finished within 2 years, but for each level, you have 6 months max.
If you can’t finish up the Case Studies within the time frame, an extra month of time can be acquired (at a cost).
This is limited to 3 extra months.

This course consists of:

Part 1. Online course
Part 2. Case Studies

The Equine Photonic Therapy Certificate course consists of:

Part 1. Online course
Part 2. 25 h Practical at the Whispering Ranch in Jijona, Spain
Part 3. Case Studies