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This course consists of:

Part 1. Online course
Part 2. Case Studies

The Equine Photonic Therapy Certificate course consists of:

Part 1. Online course
Part 2. 25 h Practical at the Whispering Ranch in Jijona, Spain
Part 3. Case Studies

With the Equine Assessment Blueprint, we seek sensitive or sore areas on the horse’s skin in particular locations and these can indicate particular conditions and ailments.

Indications could be a tooth problem, a muscular or skeletal issue in the front -, middle - or hindquarters. It could be a hormonal, abdominal, or organ issue. It could be a physical, mental or emotional problem you discover.

It is, therefore, an easy way to discover why the horse is lame and where the origin of the problem is (sacro, hip, stifle hoof,...), why the horse is reactive when you tighten the saddle girth, why he looks depressed, why he tries to bite, why he can't circle well on one side, why he refuses to galop etc...

The Equine Assessment Blueprint has been updated with new videos, made easier for you to do yourself:

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